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You know the office space is not right, but you're not sure what is right... We can help:

  • Defining - how much space

  • Refining - using your space differently

  • Negotiating / Renegotiating - the partership with your landlord

We have case studies that have saved companies millions even when their lease isn't currently up for expiration.

Workplace is new for your company OR you have a workplace team or person but aren't sure how or if you need to scale the function... We can help:

  • Defining - duties and levelling 

  • Refining - expectations 

  • Negotiating / Renegotiating - talent needs and job descriptions

For many of our clients they feel they need to grow the team but they just need a bit of help to get the team clearly aligned.

Workplace expectations have changed and the team needs new skillsets to meet expectations...

We can help:

  • Defining - what needs to be learned

  • Refining - skills, knowledge and abilities

  • Negotiating / Renegotiating - job duties and expectations

There is no degree you can get in Workplace and the expectations have changed dramatically since 2020, we help move teams forward to support the future of work effectively. 

Companies are facing unique challenges. We define and build systems, tools, and programs for your team to promote a great workplace inside and outside of the office.

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